Thursday, September 29, 2016

Observation of booshit

With past situations that have caused me more anxiety than I ever expected, there's always someone there to listen. However, that someone has brought a specific word into the our conversation the other day that I thought was hilarious during my experience of knowing a naricisstic sociopath.
Anyways, every once in a while I am reminded of that experience. The real concern is how much of a sociopath is he? Could he be stalking me and using an alias? Especially with the word used the other day by this so called friend. A true friend wont run off from you in the middle of conversation when I bring up the shit that I feel regarding that person.
It definitely sends a red flag to my attention.
Social media has caused a bit of panic in me from what I endured by the narcisstic sociopath.
I will say, if it is him under an alias, at least he is aware of  how much I dislike him.
But.....he did teach me how to be aware of people like him.
Beware of those type of men in dating land and educate yourself!
If I were aware of that type of man existing, I would have never in my life even considered the path of that hell.
Again, I definitely learned you can never please a person like that no matter how hard you try to avoid conflict. He will twist everything to enjoy your misery. It is the one thing that satisfies him.
And the other friend, keeps up a good disappearing act when I express how I feel.
Friend much?

Yesterday, Today....Tomorrow

The good, the bad, the ugly....mindful, the journey is a fascinating experience

Rock N Roll Country

Seriously, God bless this musical genius!

I recommend you to go listen to the demo version of this song.