Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday morning tea and happy mug to start.
A friend from more than a few years back, popped into my mind recently. We both were going through similar things and we both have children. It's a win for the dating world. As time shows, looking back we both had to get our lives sorted out. A certain artist we both enjoy was our friendship beginning.

I wondered about him throughout the years.
This time was different. I actually took it upon myself to find out what happened to him without having to engage into conversation with anyone we both spoke to in the past.
Thank the brain for the memory function. I decided google would be sufficient enough for this curiosity.
I stumbled upon his wp. I had some anxiety at first for even looking him up. In my mind I begin to question "WHY AM I DOING THIS?"
The best part of the site is the countdown post.
Im just very impressed with that decision he made for himself.
In the small amount of time we were in contact, he did manage to make a difference in my life, good and bad, but not as bad as what came later after our disconnect that has allowed me to enjoy my own journey of the self. The insanity of it all has brought me to a new understanding of me.
I let it go and the time passed has allowed me to forgive myself and my friend.
In between the years....the music remained.

#happy #saturday #tea