Sunday, September 18, 2016


A simple thought inside of a crispy piece of crescent shaped cardboard that many will read without thinking twice about the wisdom that is manufactured to the masses and discarded until another order of takeout is placed.
The cookie is not perfect, the numbers aren't lucky, but you can learn a word in chinese and ponder the message printed. Or, you can just google search and instantly get an automated chinese fortune delivered via technology. Taking away from our physical being little by little.
Eventually a 3D copy of food that will provide your body with vitamins and nutients that the physical body requires to survive will be available. If it ever does happen, I can only hope there is flavor for the future of food.
Perhaps this is the future of our planet we are destroying and Thom Yorke had it right when he sang Fake Plastic Trees.
Mission to Mars anyone? Dont forget your 3D printer to provide you with all the material items you believe will make you trendy on your new planet.
But please remember to listen to the music created on the planet earth while you live in a plastic bubble creating copied printouts of life.

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