Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Table talk

To the one
Who isn't there
Good news
I'd like to share
Bottle up
The blues
Bad news
But you aren't anywhere
When it matters most
You laugh
Heads or tails
2 faces 1
To none
This is it
The last of his masks
There aren't anymore ways
That is....
Good news!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Male Pattern

Roughly 7 months ago, I decided to go out for coffee with what seemed to be a decent guy. He paid for my coffee, around 2 dollars at most. Very chatty and can discuss any topic, but EVERY topic turned into him talking about sex. No matter what was being discussed he managed to twist it into him needing sex. I don't care how old a man is, but when you take a woman out for 2 dollar coffee, talk about sex more than anything else, he ends up looking like a desperate man who wants to see how little he can pay for sex because he has probably paid more than an actual gentleman (which are seemingly disappearing faster than one can blink).
About a week later, he asks to go out again, but claims he had a rough night of sadness regarding his father's death (he did inform me he didnt have much of a relationship with him). He never asked to reschedule or apologized.
This guy would come in to my work practically daily until that day of not showing up to go out when I got off work. He began coming in less and less and not speaking to me when he did come in.
I really didnt mind. I actually found it hilarious and immature of him.
Now this past week he has been coming back into my work almost daily again and trying to have small conversation with me.
I don't mind learning about antiques from him as a friend, but if he thinks I'm going to fall for his winter routine of get a gal in bed for sexual needs... he has the wrong idea. The red flaga that flew high 6-7 months ago are enough signage for me to say no thanks for that moment of him attempting to ask me out in the near future.
He's already asked 2 days in a row what I am going to do after work.
His pattern is being repeated from before.
I'm on to this like a good investigator.
Unlike him who is looking to get his dick wet when his need arises, I am happily enjoying the desperation he is displaying through his words and actions and that makes him boring and not very intelligent.
Did I mention he doesn't listen to Tame Impala? Also, isn't seemingly much of a music geek. So he can do what? Teach me about buttons to sell?
I can learn that on my own IF I was interested in such, which I'm not.
Also, he's just not attractive to me, not to mention I've already dated an older man once (who looked younger and far more handsome & intelligent)
Sorry but not sorry, I am just not looking for a relationship or sex partner.
I am busy enjoying my solo journey at this time in my life. I am not stopping for a guy who wants to get into my home and into my bed for his need.
I got needs too,  I need AND want  to plug my ears up with music and forget about him and others who just want to hop into the sack. I'd rather skip the bullshit of a desperate for sex type of man.
It's an insult to me and to any gentlemen who do remain in the single life.
To the guys who just want to get laid and fed, move the fuck around. Some of us women are just nice and not into you like you assume. We are nice to most people. The bonus is getting paid to listen to your bullshit while you shop around for crap like a good ol hoarder.

Friday, October 7, 2016

4 Prong Fork

That path is a dead end cul de sac
That path, S.O.S...same old shit
That Path has a cliff
Old doors closed and locked
The key hidden in a box
Liquid metal
Left side, right side
Now this road is good

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Moving along

A wise woman won't get sucked into being prey for someone who lives in a constant loop cycle of darkness and depression.
That someone should be aware of what they are projecting onto others and want better for themself, especially when they seem to want the world to be in a better place.
Healing is understandable, but is projecting negatives the way to do it?
As healing progresses one must reflect with love, laughter, and forgiveness of the self and eventually the one who preys.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


"No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot fit into your old life anymore."
~Glennon Doyle Melton